bucket list

Bucket List. (some are a little inappropriate but hey, life’s too short)

1. Meet Taylor Swift

2. Go Skydiving

3. Ride the fastest rollercoaster in the world

4. Spend the night in Disneyland castle

5. Go skinny dipping

6. Ride in a helicopter

7. Be in two places at once

8. Save someone’s life

9. Ride in a hot air balloon

10. Go on a road trip

11. Hold a baby panda

12. Ride an elephant

13. Reach my goal weight

14. Get a tattoo

15. Stay at every disney resort

16. Go streaking with guys and girls

17. Go to a Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show

18. Walk through a drive through

19. Have a naked snowball fight

20. Kiss someone at midnight on New Years

21. Be snowed in

22. Trick or treat at a celebrities house

23. Kiss under mistletoe

24. Spend New Years in times square

25. Kiss in the rain

26. Learn how to surf

27. Fall in love

28. Have a beach wedding

29. Move to the country

30. Stand under the Hollywood sign

31. Visit the Great Wall of China

32. See the Northern Lights

33. Visit Abbey Road and recreate the beatles cover

34. Have my own star

35. Visit Monte Carlo

36. Pee in every ocean

37. Win the lottery

38. Make love on the beach

39. Be in a game of naked twister

40. Swim in a fountain

41. Witness a miracle

42. Stop biting my nails

43. Shower with a guy

44. Have sex in the back of a car

45. Find P.Sherman 42 Wallaby Way Sydney

46. Visit Tahiti

47. Play hide and seek in Ikea

48. Have a paint fight.

49. Go on a cruise

50. Flash someone; I FLASHED ZAYN MALIK

51. Jump into a pool in my Wedding Dress

52. Watch the sunset from the Eiffel Tower

53. Have a shaving cream fight.

54. Rescue A puppy

55. Make jello shots

56. Have sex on a roof under the stars.

57. Skinny dip in an ocean DID IT IN BARCELONA :)

58. Watch the Titanic with someone you love

59. Kiss a Girl